We can speak from first hand experience when it comes to working from home. This recent article from SmartCompany does a great job of listing some of the points worth considering. Sure, there are advantages, but from a long-term professional point-of-view, an office space remains to be considered the way to go. Surprisingly, not always for the obvious reasons.

Cited in the article is the point of isolation. Perhaps not your first thought when offered the option of working from home – it can be a real concern.

research finds face-to-face interaction is essential for identifying opportunities for collaboration, innovation and developing relationships and networks

Perhaps the biggest take away from the article though is promoting balance and choice. When you have a fully featured and furnished space that you just have to walk into and start working from – with a ready-made and welcoming community, at least you know you are in the right place.

‘It’s a grand idea, until you try it’: The surprising downsides of working from home